Sunday, September 26, 2004


Medical Odyssey

I have managed, single earedly, to confuse the doctor I saw today.
Not only does Phillip have aliens eating away inside of him, I do to it seems, except mine are on surfboards and riding the waves for as long as they can.
For quite a while now I have had mild ear pain, on and off. I had this before, on my right side, so I wasn't too concerned. (That time it was cleared up with a simple flushing of warm water)
Last night the pain was so bad that I had to catch z's (they were running away from me) sitting up on the couch while alternating between the ice pack and pillow. I did, however, manage to get 2 hours straight sleep at one stage and I am surely feeling that sleep deprivation today.
When I finally decided sleeping was not meant to be, I rang my mum and sis to cancel our lingerie shopping trip. I then headed off to the after hours surgery for a 1.5 hour wait, have my ear flushed, be given ear drops and some codeine for the pain.
The pain did lessen for a while, but after the shopping trip (it still went ahead afterall), a trip to the beach, the wave rode high, high enough to bring tears to my eyes. If you ask anyone who knows me really well they will tell you that I have a high pain threshold. This was bad so I hightailed it back to the docs for a 2.5 hour wait to only find out that I still baffle him.
He gave me some scripts, blood test request, and x-ray request. There is no inflammation, my salivary glands are clear of stones and my gums are not swollen. The pain I feel is inside my ear, around my ear, across my cheekbone and on my left side of my forehead. I am also getting pains in my teeth now but when they are tapped they do not even hurt.
I am going to get my top two wisdom teeth out either on Monday or Tuesday. It all depends on when I can get them looked after at childcare.
Now it is time for me to go, get some rest and hopefully sleep. My eyes are closing, I feel light headed and bubs is asleep, hopefully for a long time.
ni ni

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