Sunday, September 19, 2004


Jaffa The Giraffe

I had already done the traditional birth story write up on my young child's birthday but then firefox crashed and I lost it before I had a chance to save it. So, to spare you the gruesome details, I will outline it in brief.
3 years ago today, my little Erin was born. She weighed in at 7lb and was 2 weeks early.
She was born by cesarean after 5 hours of no labor (after the waters broke) and it was discovered she was breech. She was my biggest baby and it was difficult for her sisters to come to see us in the hospital as they had the chicken pox.
Zipping back to today, 3 years past that time, we celebrated her birthday with family at a local Macca's. There was presents to be had and cake to be eaten. She had the best day and tried her best to act like a 'big' girl.
One of her favourite presents was 'Jaffa the Giraffe'. He was a present from Grandma and has hardly left her side all day. We are hoping this toy will help her to grow up a little from wanting to be the baby.
My sister's partner turned up also today, which was a surprise as he is not very much a family person. It was great to see him there and my sister and him looked happy together, relaxed.
The special day continued, after we left Macca's, with a short trip to Grandma's shop, then to the video store and home for popcorn and a DVD. The kids then spent an hour in the bath just splashing and playing around with the new toys Erin received.
It was a fun day and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Note: I think Miranda talked more today then I have heard from her in quite a while. I think the video we took this morning had a lot of us telling her to be quiet and let Erin talk and unwrap the presents.

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