Tuesday, September 28, 2004


In Other News.....

Today I have been pain free, well mostly. I have only taken 2 doses of paracetamol to control a tiny amount of pain. I could have lived without it but I had to do things like eat and talk to kids.
This week has been a great week, I have enjoyed it and even the pain I have experienced didn't dampen it. I think the fact that the end of it was in site, that I was able enjoy things.
Chewing feels a little akward, as if I had been chewing a hard toffee for hours on end but I know that will pass. I thought getting wisdom teeth out was bad? Yay am happy, and still sleep deprived.

Merc has gone up another level in development, I think. She still rolls around the floor and gets to where she wants most of the time. Occassionally she does get stuck but she is getting the turning on her belly thing going. She loves noisy toys over soft ones. She doesn't put nearly as many things in her mouth as she used to. She is more interested in seeing what they will do and if they make a noise when shaken that is a big plus. She is currently playing with the backpack we use for walks.
She has also started enjoying water play a lot more. The beach and the pool were just an introduction and seeing how fun it can be. This afternoon (well lunch time) when she was in the bath with her sisters, she was having a ball kicking and splashing and laughing. This summer shall be a fun one as she will be able to participate in going to the pool/beach/lagoon.

Erin has had a good week also. She has grown up so much in the last couple of weeks. She hardly has any accidents anymore, doesn't act quite the baby anymore and her speech is coming along nicely. She is becoming more and more audible. We made bookmarks today and she quite happily cut the paper up (I did end up having to cut it out for her though) and her colouring was very neat and in the lines. Her stickers were placed very carefully on the bookmark also. She is proud of what she created.

Jadeen, almost 6. Wow, time has sure flown by. Her adult teeth are slowly coming in and she still has that gappy smile which is hilarious to look at. She is full of beans and a very sensative girl. She did excellent colour work on her bookmark also. She never went out of the lines and was very particular about how she did it and what colours she used. This is her last year in pre-school then next year it will be homeschooling for her. I hope she has the attention span for it. I have started her on a few things, just to try to get her into the routine of doing work, as well as getting miranda into the routine of working on her own. Next year, I think Jade and I might take belly dancing up.

Miranda is unwell today. I think she has a virus going around and has slept most of the day. She has agreed to have a drink if she gets up and moves around. Also, her temperature isn't that high so I think she will be fine in a day or two. At least it was over her school holidays and not during actual school. She still does her horse riding and we have just changed her classes to a slightly later one (yay, no more early mornings) where she can interact with others in a group lesson. Her school work is going well but she tends to rush and not read the question properly. From what I have read elsewhere, this is a common thing for 8 years +.

Me? Well, I have had pain, happiness, money to spend and all the other stuff you have read about.

Hubby has been busy, but this time it has been at home. This has helped so much when I wasn't feeling up to doing much. He would put the kids to bed for me and even cleaned up after dinner a few times. Thanks honey!
His indoor soccer team has been doing pretty well despite the harder competition that they have been up against. They will probably make it into the semi-finals again at the end of season. I am not sure what else to say about him but go over and check out his site that will fill you in on his not so secret life.

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