Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I'm Leaving!

I heard this a few times today.
I really think I need to teach the girls how to deal with their problems instead of running away from them.
First case - Jadeen disappeared out to the backyard with skipping rope in tow. I headed out about 5 minutes later with a basket of laundry to spy her standing on a chair by the fence with the skipping rope tied about her waist and the top of the fence. If she, for some reason, decided to jump off the chair, or fell, then I do not want to image what could happen as I know she wouldn't be able to touch the ground with the length she had left between herself and the top of the fence. I quickly untied her and discovered that she wanted to 'leave'. I know she meant leave as in run away but the other thought crossed my mind for an instant. I did manage to convince her that climbing over the fence with a skipping rope tied around your waist was not a good way to go.
Skipping rope gone and I head over to the laundry, turn around to spy her trying to climb over the fence. The fence is 6' high. I foiled her plans to leave that way and then she ran off to play with her sister.

Second case - Miranda wanted to watch a certain show on TV, which her sisters did not. They were watching TV first and usually do not get a say in what they watch on TV (they haven't worked out the TV remote yet). I told Miranda to leave them to watch what they want and if she didn't want to watch it then to do something else.
Well, there was a door slammed and when I went to try to work out her/the problem she informed me she was leaving. She had her little knitted blanket with her soft toy unicorn, empty sultana box, beanz, assortment of toy horses, dinosaur, some face cream and hat wrapped up in it. I chatted with her hoping that she would understand the situation with the TV but she still wanted to leave with no valid excuse. Then I moved off and organized arvo (afternoon) tea, leaving hers on the bench incase she decided to stay. Her afternoon tea was quickly placed in a bag and into her little tied up blanket, which was now on a stick.
She came to see me and we went through the things she would need. She took my hairbrush!
Needless to say, she hasn't left yet and appears to be quietly and happily eating her afternoon tea. I do not think she would have got too far on 50 cents!

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