Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Beach Babe!

Mercedes is really turning into the beach babe.
We went to the beach again today (yes it really is warm enough to go swimming already) and this time we remembered to bring Mercedes' togs. Hubby had to stay home as he had work to finish up and we had chores to do while out.
Upon arrival at the 'beach' (actually a man made lagoon/HUGE pool next to the beach) I got the kids suited up and we headed to the water side, Miranda on the boogie board and swimming across to the other side to meat up with us. Erin splashed around in the shallows, Jade alternated between us and a friend she had made and Miranda totally ignored us, choosing to play with some friends she made.
Mercedes first quenched her first with an eye catching (yes there were a few lookers) drink before paddling her feet in the cool water. When she started reaching for the sand I decided it was time to move further along the pool until we came to a sandier spot which she could sit in and play. Her playing with the sand and water turned to trying to eat the sand. She must have liked it as she kept going back for more and never made a face, that I saw. Eventually I laid her down on her tummy and let her splash and laugh and have fun in the very shallow, sandy water.
People would laugh and point out the baby splashing in the water and one toddler even tried to copy her.
When I had enough of her playing (and thought she was getting to cold) I dragged her out, scouted around for the girls and tried to round them up. Bubs in the pram, freshly nappied and wrapped in a big fluffy towel I managed to capture two of the three still in the water. Jade was proving to be elusive. So as not to seem like the big bad parent, I turned it into a game and went into the water after her. I only got up to midthigh in depth and then she decided to swim to me if I got out of the water.
All kids gathered, we headed off home for a simple dinner of chips and fish bites.
Chip sandwiches..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

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