Thursday, September 02, 2004


Battle Of Wills

Who will win, Miranda or me?
Who do you think won?
Me of course! Who did you expect to win?
We ate our dinner and I set as a rule that we were to have at least one piece of fruit after dinner, though we were not to eat the strawberries or bananas. The bananas are still a little too green as they only arrived today. One of the other rules was that the piece of fruit had to come from the fruit bowls. Yes it is plural, we do go through that much in a week.
With dinner eaten, Jade and Erin raided the bowls. Jade had 2 passionfruit, an apple and a mandarin. Erin had a passionfruit and half of a mandarin. I even had two passionfruit. Miranda wouldn't budge because I said no to carrot sticks, bananas and strawberries.
I sent her to the corner until she was ready to choose a piece of fruit. I set the rules.
- no bananas, strawberries or carrot sticks
- her punishment length is up to her. She has to sit there until she chooses to eat a piece of fruit.
- When she chose a piece of fruit, it had to be consumed neatly. If it was messy then she had to clean it up and head off to the laundry for a little solitary time.
- If she didn't choose a piece of fruit by a certain time, I would
- If she wouldn't eat the fruit then I would feed it to her and she would go to the laundry

You get the general idea.
I ended up calling the end of corner duty and chose her a piece of fruit. A passionfruit!
Apparently it was too gross to hold and tasted gross.
I watched (and counted) as she ate, pretended to gag on it and eventually finished it. It was a 10 second meal which took over half an hour to decide upon and eat.
Guess I get the mean mum of the year award!
Wonder how I will go tomorrow night when we try an apple with threat of not going to the dance competition?

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