Saturday, September 04, 2004


And It Is Only Midday

I have been only going for 3 hours (maybe less) and I have already done a heap of stuff.
  • raked up the leaves in the back yard
  • made pancakes for breakfast
  • did the dishes (before breakfast)
  • hung out a load of laundry, and brought in 2
  • swept the patio (it is bigger then my mum's house)
  • fed the bubs at least once
  • watered the bird via the hose (I am not going in that cage again)
  • had fathers day present opening a day early
  • trimmed the tree fern
  • mediated disputes
  • sorted out an internet connection problem on a slow laptop
  • thought about food and am now about to go and deal with lunch
We have a rental inspection in 3 days, I have way too much to do to be sitting here writing.
I think we will have lunch then I shall go and spot clean the walls and maybe clean the carpets with some special powder stuff.

Have a great weekend and think of me, here, cleaning do not think of me, just go and enjoy your weekend.

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