Saturday, August 28, 2004


So Proud!

I just had to tell anyone who cares to listen.
I am so proud of my girls today.
I am not sure how far it was but they went up to blockbuster and back with nil or little complaints.
The three elder started off on their bikes while I pushed bubs in the pram. Erin managed to ride at least half of the way there which was way more then I expected her to do. I expected her to give in when we reached the train station. She stuck to her guns, and rode half of the way there. Jade rode all the way there with no complaints except for once when she fell off but that didn't last long when I promised to buy her a special bandage.
Miranda went all the way there and back on her bike with no problem.
As a reward, I bought them each a bottle of water (50cents each) and some Natural Confectionry Co., lollies. These lollies were yummy and we used them as rewards on the way home as well. It helped spur on Jade when she started getting tired.
I am starting to work out the best way to achieve things with the girls. Today I learnt that in order to get Jade from point A to point B, we need to set smaller, easily achievable goals inbetween. On the ride I would use signposts, corners, cars, trees, etc to get her to ride to. Once she got past the small goals she kept going, though always stopping at a street corner.
Before the ride I was careful about how I set the rules and passed them onto the girls. I try to make my rules so that they are easy to remember and I do not use the word 'don't' in it. I say things like.."Make sure you keep me in sight", "Wait for me at street corners" etc etc.
We will do that walk again sometime, but possibly not as far and only to the park (which is about halfway there).
They did a wonderful job today and I am proud of them (and it was good exercise for me)

Note: When Erin became tired I pushed the pram with her, Merc, trike, baby bag and whatever else I had with me, in it. I am guessing this would be about 50 kgs in weight.

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