Saturday, August 28, 2004


Just Sitting Back & Watching

I know I have been slack in updating this site and I have no excuses, so today I shall update it.

The last week or two I have been sitting back and watching (metaphorically speaking) hubby interact with the girls. Erin was and is a mummy's girl, which can be a little taxing at times so it has been a pleasure to watch her to take to her daddy more by playing, cuddling and just spending more time with him.
Erin has also taken a step forward, away from mummy, in being a bigger girl. She has less 'accidents', is wearing clothes more often (not always a good thing when it is multiple sets of clothes in a day), is saying please without prompting, hasn't cried or needed teacher interaction to stay at preschool (childcare), is just generally being more independent. She is growing up and shall be 3 in 3 short weeks time.

I have also watched Jadeen growing up. She is still a little girl but sometimes she seems so much older. Her inhibitions about leaving our side and slowly melting and she is going off to play with her friends. Yesterday, when we were at a friends' house, she didn't want to leave. She refused to budge and hubby had to carry her out to the car. It was both funny and frustrating at the same time. I believe that she will do well at any sport she chooses. She is naturally athletic but shy, which is what has held her back from fully participating in any particular sport yet.
We have tried various teachers with different dance groups (she continually expresses a desire to dance) but she has not taken a shine to any of them and would not participate fully in class. There was one class which we never got to try out because there was not enough students to make the class up so it was cancelled. It would have been a good one too as her pre-school friend would have been in it. Perhaps her and I can team up and do belly dancing together.

Miranda is growing up, not just in maturity but in height also. She is doing well at her schoolwork and now that she is able to read efficiently she can complete most of her tasks with minimal interaction from me. This will come in handy for next year when we start her sister (Jadeen). Miranda's horse riding is coming along well also. Today she did jumps which were about 2-3 inches off the ground.

Mercedes....... All I can say about her is that she is a quick learner and now you have to be careful where you put her. She can move quickly. She may only be rolling and squirming but she is quick and into things. It is time to put things up.

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