Friday, July 30, 2004


Blog Pimping!

One day there was this Genuine girl named Sadie, who had a friend named Kristyk. They both had a Dream of Glory to meet The Blue Sloth at Mad's House. Their friend Benny said "Whoa Mama!" when he saw Rockchild try to be a Busy Mom. They all then went and saw It's A Wilson Thing at the Virtual Rants cinema saying "Hey, You" when they saw a Cursed Juggler and couldn't remember his name. So The Fish Said, "What A Beautiful Day" and went to visit the Tulip Girl for a bouquet of Sweet Sweat's special flowers.
"O Baby" was heard from The Walkowiaks as they were entertained by a little bit of Domestic Psychology written up in the Superhero Journal. Since they were In Bloom, they called for Hula Doula to perform her magic as the Kid Squared and became Finslippy.
Finally the Laid Off Dad turned up announcing "mum-mum" to Min's Food Journal.

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