Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Two Little Words

There are two little words that drive me bonkers!
"I" and "want".
I went birthday shopping with the three younger girls, for Miranda's upcoming birthday, and Jadeen was constantly saying "I want". When I asked her what she wanted she could only give me a vague idea, though, when given possible suggestions she said no. In the end I said she was getting nothing because she kept saying "I want". The silence only lasted a few minutes.
Jadeen is not a shopper and gets frustrated at not being able to make a choice unless she went there with a specific item in mind.
I am similar to this and that is why I usually let hubby do the clothes shopping for me. I just try on with the odd suggestion thrown in. He doesn't seem to mind though as it does mean he gets me in clothes he likes and not something completely daggy.
I do not seem to have the same trouble when it comes to shopping for my girls though.

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