Saturday, June 19, 2004


Strange Urges

A strange urge overcame me today.
The baby woke up early, wanting her breakfast at 6am (sun was only just starting to rise at this point). At 6.30am when she went back to bed (still a dusky early morning grey) I had this urge to tidy up/clean the house before the kids woke up. I knew I would have no trouble getting it done before hubby woke up as he only got to bed at 3am.
I swept and mopped the tiled area, cleaned one of the glass sliding doors (it was sticky with kids finger prints)
Note: Miranda drew a heart on the door yesterday, with her sticky hands, or in the grime on there, for me. The door wasn't that bad as it gets cleaned regularly especially since the two year old uses it a lot.
I also tidied up the lounge and did a load of laundry, unpacked some new crockery so it can get washed before being used and made myself some breakfast.
As would be expected, the kids did wake up just as I started washing the floor, but fortunately they weren't hungry and I managed to get everything done before they wanted breakfast.
I think it is time for bed, I still have half a day to go.

Off to the billy kart races today, followed by shopping!

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