Saturday, June 05, 2004


"I'm boooooored!"

Today was a slow day, one that would have been a good day to sleep in. But as mums know, that is almost impossible when 4 little girls are wanting breakfast before their favourite Saturday cartoons come on. (Plus a daddy wanting them to clean out the car before he disappears for a LAN session)
The only breakfast I ended up getting was mine and the baby's (which is me). Once hubby was packed up and gone we tried to settle down into the day. I will admit to the day being hard and wishing a few times that I could just relax and not have to worry/deal with the kids. In other words, have a semi-day off.
Once the kids were declaring they were 'bored', I decided it was time to head out for a walk to spend their hard earned money (earnt by unpacking the car) and buy lunch across at the shop. They spent their money and I spent mine and then toddled off home to enjoy lunch.
Lunch had, I decided to induldge in a little photo taking (after watching a short documentary on a man who makes his living filming rare and endangered animals). Pics to come.
This outside activity brought out the kids, close at my heels to see what I was doing before they headed in separate directions to wherever their whim took them. Jadeen ended up painting with water on the bricks, Miranda made a pretend camp fire and Erin; well I do not know what she did except upset her sisters by trying to join in.
I headed in to put bubs down for a nap and again they followed, claiming they were bored and repeatedly asking when they could use the computer.
I feel like a magnet.
When I gave in to their whims, I put the Erin in the bath (with a bath bomb) and proceeded to catch up on a little laundry.
In order to quell the cries of boredom again it was mum to the rescue with a pedicure session. All 3 girls joined in that, eager to have their feet massaged, nails painted. I did manage to get my own feet massaged by Miranda, so that was good.
A bit of reading to Miranda and then on to blog, have me time while they played behind the couch. They are using it as a zoo for elephants.

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