Monday, June 14, 2004


Horses & Hot Food

Today hubby put forward the idea of going to see the horse shows up at the local showgrounds. Hubby is not a horse man in the least possible way.
Close to lunch time, as is always the case, we headed off to the showgrounds in search of the fourlegged variety.

It was a good trip, I got to see the inside of the toilets, the inside of the car, the inside of a burger and many grubby faces. I did see horses, and plenty of them.
On the way home, Miranda even drew a picture of herself on a horse winning a trophy and ribbons.

It has been discussed at length and we will NOT be getting a horse until I am at least proficient in horse care and we have the time and money to look after one.
In the meantime we will send Miranda to camps which involves them in all that stuff deemed necessary.

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