Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Bakin` Bread

Dough encrusted hands, sizzling mince and mounds of grated cheese.
That's right we are making pizza! Oh and of course we are making bread - cheese and garlic bread.
I laced the bread dough with oregano (hope the kids don't notice) and topped the pizza half with tomato sauce, sizzling beef and plenty of cheese (it is the day before shopping so we are a little low in topping varieties). The other half was plaited and topped with cheese.

My kids like cheese and we have plenty of it, so why not use it I say.

It was a little hard fitting the pizza and bread dough in a sink of hot water, to rise, so I bunged them in the oven and let it have a go at them. Of course they were covered with alfoil so as not to dry out and the oven was on a low low temp. I also thought cling wrap would melt if placed in the oven, so the reason I chose alfoil.

Well enough of my misplaced and miscellaneous ramblings.


We shall!

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