Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Worn Out

What a day it has been and it is only half over.
My day started at 2.30am with a feed to the bubs, which ended up being close to an hour since she was hungry/restless.
I had restless sleep for the next half hour as I knew the alarm was due to go off at 4am so hubby could get ready for his plane trip up north. I managed to catnap till 4.30am.
4.50am it was off to the airport, kids bundled into their seats with blankets and all asleep, fortunately.
6am we arrived home, minus hubby, with kids still asleep in their seats. I grabbed their stuff for the day ahead then decided to have breakfast out and an earlier then normal start to the day. We headed off to Macca's for a 6.35am breakfast.
7.10am we then headed off to childcare to drop off the middle two, followed by a brief stop in at mum's shop until 8.30am
8.45am we arrived at horseriding for Miranda. Her class started at 9am with her pony being temperamental and just refusing to trot unless encouraged by the whip. (Anything over a slow walk was hard) I think the pony preferred to be left alone to enjoy the grass of the paddock. An hour there and quite a few phonecalls to various people, it was off home.
10.30am we arrived home had an early lunch, quick change of clothes (the baby decided she didn't like what I was wearing, nor what she was wearing so decided to dirty her diaper and let it escape)
11am We headed back off to the shops to do groceries and overspend the budget. My excuse is that I wanted some different/nice food for my birthday. I bought a cake mix of my liking, not the one Miranda chose, which the girls will make tomorrow so we can have a birthday cake.
12.30pm it was off to pick up the girls from preschool, rather early and in the middle of their naps. They were excited to be picked up early and eagerly arose from their mats on the floor.
12.50pm we headed off home, exhausted and with kids all asleep in their seats.
1.15pm it was time to unpack the groceries and feed grapes to the kids so they didn't try to raid the supplies I had saved up for our trip to seaworld.
1.30pm I sat down, to feed bubs, listen to messages on the answering machine and respond to emails.
1.40pm I made my calls, and started this inbetween interruptions. I also found the mouse which had made itself at home in our home, it was dead, cold and stiff, under the window sill in the TV room.
1.45pm Erin came out wearing her new undies on her head as a hat then proceeded to take them off and put on all 3 pairs properly.
1.50pm I hear drip drip drip coming from the kitchen. Erin had upended the cold electric kettle on the bench and tipped out the water so it was flowing onto the floor. A quick cleanup and then back to hear to listen to silence as they all either sleep or watch a DVD.
Now I await return calls, return emails and a plumber to visit so we can hopefully have hotwater tonight. I really want to have hot water tonight as a cold shower is not a very pleasant thought.

I can't say it has been a bad day, infact it has been quite a good day, with lots acheived and still more to come. Tonight we will head to girls brigade to drop off Miranda then the rest of us will head to the library for some relaxation till it is time to come pick up Miranda and head home.

What tomorrow holds in store, I do not know yet, as it all depends on what happens this afternoon. But I do know this, it will be a productive one in getting things ready for Thursday.

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