Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Last Night

I had a good night last night.
The girls were all easy to put to bed, the bubs though decided she wanted to talk to me and didn't go down till 9.30pm though. I did not mind since I was able to receive a call from a friend in England, and we chatted for about 20 minutes.
I decided not to go out last night as I thought I was too tired to drive. We stayed home and watched The Black Stallion, well most of it. I chatted to my sister online and learned that she will be staying with us tonight, before we head down to seaworld tomorrow.
Overall it was a good night but I wish I had gotten more sleep and bubs had decided she was too tired to feed. At least I got that special bonding moments with her. When she wakes up during the night and sees me come to pick her up, she wriggles and grins widely, sometimes giving a giggle. It is so cute and always brings a smile to my face, unless of course my eyes are shut because I am so tired.
Today should be a good day also.

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