Friday, May 07, 2004


From The Babes Mouth

No, she isn't talking yet, well with words at least. She likes to chatter away in her own baby language, adding a few little giggles as she does. She loves to chatter to me before she is settled down for bed at night. Just to watch her face and see her eyes twinkle, and her happy smile, is a treasure in its own.
She is also rolling now, not completely over but she is trying to see what is behind her and waving her little hands around trying to touch what it is she seeks. She quite often rolls almost completely onto her side. There is no keeping her still when she is on the floor. She is just the cutest.

E has been having a rough time lately, which I think was mainly due to too many late nights and still getting up at regular times. She has been falling asleep at odd times in the afternoon then waking up grumpy but still going to bed at the same time as her siblings. Yesterday was a breakthrough. She went to preschool and was grumpy up until the time she had her rest, which she woke up happy from. I managed to watch her playing, before she saw me, and saw the change in her. She was happy and laughing, playing with her friends. Now I just need to get her into a more regular bed time, regardless of what is happening. I think it will benefit the other girls also.
E gave me a poster and flower she made at preschool (childcare actually as she is only 2 yrs old). It was so cute.

J is enjoying preschool still and had her class photos done on Wednesday. It took her sister's silly antics to make her smile and the photographers have a good picture. They have a mothers day morning tea at preschool today but unfortunately we will not be going as it is not our regular day there today. I think J can help make muffins and we can have a special morning tea that way.
J also had fun yesterday while we were at the library. She loves going there and then to a playground afterwards. She is also expressing a desire to start 'school' so I think we shall up the level of 'school work' we do at home, starting informally.

M is being the big sister and trying hard to be a good girl. She is this most of the time, with the occasional spit when things don't go her way. She is learning that she is not always the boss. We haven't picked up the level of her schoolwork we have done this week, but she has surprised me this morning by finishing off the PACE before I was even out of bed.

Well I think that is enough said for now. I wish I could go back to bed but I doubt that will happen since hubby has to go out to clients today and when he is home he is working and I need to look after the kids. Maybe I will get to sleep in n mother's day? I doubt it though.

Have a great day!

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