Tuesday, May 18, 2004


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What is a home?
I had originally planned on finding pictures on various different types of homes and using that as my entry but I thought I would change that grand idea and just write a few things instead.
Today we had our house inspection, since we rent. I hate these things as our home then becomes someone else's place so that we may be granted another 3 months of peace in our home before it again must turn into someone else's place once more. Admittedly it is not 'our' place but it is still our home.
Our home is where we live, work, play, school, sleep, eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks), talk, laugh, etc. If our place is a home then why do we have to make it a resort room in order to impress the property manager. I do understand that they are looking to see if we are looking after this place and keeping it appropriately but when comments like - "your house cleaner didn't do a good job" "the patio is a bit disappointing" "it looks a bit crowded" "you have a lot of stuff". These types of comments just do not do good for the soul.
Yes the kids were given the job of cleaning the patio and did a terrible job but it is obvious that it is undamaged and looked after reasonably well.
Yes I was the house cleaner and it was spotless yesterday and the kids did wake up and play with things before the inspection.
Yes we have a lot of stuff but we do more then eat dinner and breakfast or sleep here. WE live here.
The pond is the pond, we can't clean it out lest we disrupt the eco system that is contained in it, unbalance the levels in the water and kill the fish.
Sometimes it seems that people do not appreciate what you do.
Enough complaining and time to have a good day!

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