Saturday, April 03, 2004


Party Time!

What a day we had. I am exhausted from being on my feet most of the day. I wish the kids were tired now as well.
The party was a success and J (the 5 yr old) had 4 of her friends turn up to her party. 2 from pre-school and 2 old friends (well as old as you can get for 5 year olds).

The day started off well, all of the guests arriving on time and eager to get involved, except for one little girl. She was a little shy and wanted her daddy to stay but he had things to do. I honestly think she got a little over crowded by the amount of people which flooded to the door upon her arrival. She did brighten up when everyone left her to it and I offered to show her what we were planning on playing.

J was super excited with the party and wasn't at all concerned over the fact that hardly anyone turned up to it. As far as she was concerned it was the best day she had had for a long time.

We started off the event with playing with balloons and chasing each other, swinging and present opening. Then it moved smoothly onto colouring in of fish which were soon gobbled up by the shark in a game of 'Feed The Shark' (similar to pin the tail on the donkey).

All through this event hubby was a great help as bubs was needing a feed during this time.

After this it was onto the treasure hunt (searching for gold chocolate coins) and shell necklace making. Oh and not to forget the kids running around with their noise makers, deafening the parents and anyone who was in earshot. It was hard to get them to calm down enough to encourage them to have a go at the pinata.

The pinata was funny. It looked good and the kids were taking good shots at it but it just would not break. The string did however but the pinata still would not break. The last time I made one it shattered easily. Eventually hubby turned it upside down and allowed the prizes to come tumbling out to the ground and be gathered up by the kids. Then he gave the empty pinata to the two boys and we (parents) watched in amusement as they tried to break it. It would not break, it would bend but not break. In the end we just tossed out the flattened pinata.

With party games out of the way it was onto food as the expected finishing time was close at hand, so we dished out the food. It was a mixture of - octopus cherrios/hotdogs, marshmallow turtles, gummy snakes, gummy sharks, choc mint balls and lemonade. I forgot to bring out the chips but I do not think they were needed.

After they all had their fill (the hotdogs going quickly) it was cake time. They all enjoyed the eye candy of the cake and most of them even had some to eat, a few even tried the icing creatures atop the cake.

After this it was a romp around the garden and a play with the new toys while they waited to go home.

Overall it was a good day, full of fun, excitement and lollies.

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