Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Out of every bad thing comes something good.

It is just hard to see at times.

My day was.....one of those days. Here is my very account of the day past.

BAD - it is 3am and bubs is awake
GOOD - She only keeps me up for 20 minutes and I get that special time with her.

BAD - It is 4.20am and I wish for more sleep but I need to pile the kids in the car and take hubby to the airport. Hubby goes away for 4 days.
GOOD - It was a safe journey and the kids slept most of the time and I actually felt awake enoughto drive safely.

BAD - It is too early to really do anything and the older two wont go to bed to get some more rest.
GOOD - Bubs, E and I went back to bed for a 1hr 30 min nap

BAD - We finally get going and leave the house half hour behind schedule. Stalled the car at an easy corner.
GOOD - It was a safe trip and the girls didn't miss anything in their childcare program.

BAD - Spent $5 on a loosing scratch-it.
GOOD - Priced some leather boots for M's riding. Looked through and could have spent hours looking through, a pet shop.

Lunch time
BAD - spent money on a lunch I regretted afterwards, it was too greasy.
GOOD - I didn't have to prepare lunch

After lunch
BAD - Tried to have a rest but it got constantly interrupted by phonecalls, faxes and waking baby
GOOD - I did get some rest and managed to read some of my book.

Mid Afternoon
BAD - Found price of laminating to be way more expensive then I hoped for.
GOOD - Made a contact regarding jewellery and got an artistic idea regarding mothers day present.

Mid Afternoon
BAD - Was later then I planned in picking up the kids
GOOD - Kids didn't miss me and were quite happy playing.

Early evening
BAD - Was late leaving home for girls brigade
GOOD - Arrived right on the starting time and didn't miss any.

BAD - J locked the running car with only the bubs in it while I was out paying fees. J got her knee stuck inbetween tree branches.
GOOD - Car was swiftly unlocked by a locksmith which goes to our church. Bubs slept through it all. It didn't cost me a cent either. Got J out with no damage.

BAD - Kids fought on the way home or played very noisily.
GOOD - Kids went to bed really easily

Now all this is written, I myself will head off to see if bubs will go to sleep.

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