Wednesday, April 21, 2004



M didn't want to sleep in her bed last night, either that or she was excited bout daddy coming home today. At 9.30pm I made her turn out her light but 2 minutes later she came into my room saying she couldn't sleep. Needless to say, she did go to sleep as soon as she turned off her reading light and lay down with her eyes closed.

When I was up at 3am feeding bubs, she woke up and wandered out to where I was saying that she couldn't sleep and hadn't been to sleep. When I told her what time it was and that she had actually been asleep as I had been back to check on her, she looked at me blankly for a moment before realization dawned. Must be the early morning. Then she headed back to bed and slept till early morning when she joined me in bed to sleep another hour.

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