Friday, April 30, 2004


Kitchen Don'ts

One thing you shouldn't do when using knives. That would be to cut towards yourself.

I am guilty of doing this today and therefore sliced my finger. I am hoping the bleeding will su.................


While writing this blog, my ears were greeted by the sound of 'smash' followed by 'hehehehehehehehe'

You would think that a plate sitting about 4 inches from the edge of the table would be safe, but no....

I arrived to spy the toddler laughing like she was having a good time, peeing in the middle of the now cleared table.

The food was spread across the floor and I was instantly glad I had not cleaned the floor before lunch.

The toddler was dealt with swiftly and sent to the laundry to contemplate her wrong doings. I stood upon a broken piece of bowl, no blood fortunately, and discovered she had left the laundry. She was again dealt with swiftly and returned, which now she stayed in until I asked her to come to me. I had at this stage rescued my feet from further pricks with a pair of shoes, swept up majority of the mess, contemplated washing the curtains and wondering where the rest of the bowl is. I haven't finished with the clean up mainly because I had to interrupt a feed to do so, so now I finish my feed and have blocked off that area with chairs, instructing the kids to not go in there.

Only 7 more hours until hubby arrives home, well until he is off the plane and out of the terminal.... I hope, really hope, that I will get some respite before he packs up for the 12 hr LAN tomorrow.

Today's To Do List

Tidy J&E's room - yeah right..It is being aired but cleaned..well we shall see
Ensuite - when I have 5 minutes spare, there are afterall 6 hours before I head out
Floors - Well they definitely need doing now
Laundry - have taken half the clothes off, will see what happens. I think I need to buy more pegs.
Gaze at my smiling laughing baby - yep, for sure. That is more important then housework
M's schoolwork - done quickly and completed in a couple of hours. We do need to pick up the pace (level of work done) next week though.
Walls - all cleaned.

Time to put bubs down and run around with the vacuum.

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