Friday, April 30, 2004


Amendment to Argh!

Upon closer inspection, the puddle of liquid upon the table was in fact just water. I found the empty drink bottle under the table also.

Slice and Dice

My sliced finger has stopped bleeding but it still looks like it needs stitches. The pain has basically gone though except when I bump it. I have since rewrapped it (more out of curiosity to see how it was going rather then bandages being soaked) and now find typing difficult with two hands. Just as well I am used to one handed typing.

3 hrs until hubby's plane lands, that means I will have to get up off my arse (only been sitting here 2 minutes) and prep dinner for the kiddies, feed them and myself, dress them and pile into the car. It is nights like this I like take away and am thinking hot chips from the nearby shop for dinner, or perhaps some fried rice....mmmmm yum.

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