Saturday, February 14, 2004

Pain & Chicken

The only thing that those two words have in common is that we had chicken for lunch because we both had to go to the doctors for pain relief. Hubby's pain relief being written up on his page. My pain written there also. It was what I suffered for a while through this last pregnancy and was wrongly misdiagnosed by a doctor in a medical centre which is mostly used for emergency but not serious treatment. Hubby and I have decided that we will always seek a second opinion with our regular doctor despite the fact that they are a 20-25 min drive away. The second opinion would only come from them if we can't get there in the first place. It is so hard to find a good doctor we can rely upon so we will not be changing for one closer unless necessary.

That was our little bit of excitement.

Mercedes had her home visit from the midwife today and passed with flying colours but the midwife will be coming back on Monday to make sure she has put on more weight. She hadn't regained enough weight to bring her back up to her birth weight. Apart from that she is perfect and sweet, making cute little sounds in her sleep and when awake. She has only yelled her disapproval once, and I think that was when she was being left alone and wanted company.

Tonight shall be a good night, one full of sleep and rest. Tomorrow we shall get ready for our international guests.


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