Thursday, February 26, 2004

My Two Cents!

Why don't we have that good ol' copper anymore? It was good and things didn't need to be rounded up nor down. I do not mind things being rounded down, that is pretty good, and I do not mind not carrying lots of shrapnel (er um, small change) around. Well with that said, now it is time to put in 'My Two Cents' worth about Baby Shows.

Today while shopping I noticed, much to my surprise, that a baby show was happening. I am not sure how this slipped past my sleep deprived, child watching, distracted mind. Ok I guess I do know how but I honestly do not recall seeing the sign they usually post at the bottom of the escalator. Well as I was saying, they do have some nice clothes in the shop windows up there, no that's not what I was saying, I was talking about baby shows.

As I past the centre stage area I was greeted by a large array of babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents and, of course, cute little outfits. I have nothing against baby shows and for those who want to show their wee tyke to go right ahead, but it is something I will never enter into. I know my babies are beautiful beyond words and that there would be no competition should we ever enter something like that. (Yes I am biased but isn't every other parent). I have also heard rumours, more then once, that these shows are rigged and it is usually the same bribees, err, babies that win each time. I am sure these rumours are not true anymore and anyhow, if you listen to rumours all the time and believe in them then you sprout little white hairs inside your ears.

Oh, I have been informed that it is old age that does the white hairs and rumours only turn your mind to slush and cause rumour weeds to grow.

Have you seen a rumour weed? They are huge computerized cartooned weeds which grow out of the sewers and talk to you, especially if you are a talking vegetable. Hmmm, on that thought, how could you eat vegetables again, especially after watching cut Larry the cucumber become a super hero to battle, uselessly, the weeds.

Weeds? What weeds? Yes I do have some in my gar....ahh..back to the topic at hand....what was it again? Oh that is right, baby shows.

Well I did look at all the babies as I went past on other chores and they were, well, just babies or small trying to be cute through dressing up toddlers. The table was chockers full of trophies and I am sure every mother was secretly wishing for the biggest one there.

Well I have rambled on a LOT, and not said anything really, so I think I will end it there and go pick up my 2 year old and 5 year old beauties from preschool while holding my 17 day old beauty (after I get out of the car of course). If I ever feel the urge to be told how beautiful my girls are I will either read through this post, try to remember the baby show with diminishing success or go visit a clothing shop run by old women who will cluck and make us all feel special.

Note: I found a shop like this today when hunting for some cheap baby clothes. I got both the cheap baby clothes and the comments exclaiming how gorgeous and wonderful my girls were.


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