Friday, February 20, 2004


Art & Craft

We did some art & craft today. We made things out of clay. The kids got to use their imagination so I am not quite sure what some of the things are. Next time I think we shall make one specific thing. I joined in the mess and made a female torso (Miranda says it looks like part of a doll), lizard and dog head. Pictures will follow when they are dry and ready for painting. (Or when I get around to it)

Erin had fun playing with the clay, as well as the container of water. It ended up all over the table, floor and part of the walls. Fortunately I got to it before it started to dry. Walls, table and floor are all saved.

Miranda made a horse and 2 volcanoes, though I am yet to see that in them.

Jadeen made, well I am not sure, she made something. I will find out when the time comes to paint them.

Erin just made the mess as previously mentioned.

We have instigated an art program in our house, to try and ease some of the boredom (mostly in Jade and Erin) and give them a creative outlet. We have set aside Wednesday and Friday afternoons to achieve these small feats of creativity. Wednesday just gone we did colouring and cutting, it was supposed to be card making but I was too tired to complete it and needed a rest. I needed a rest today but that wasn't to be, fortunately Mercedes allowed me to sleep for around 5 hrs straight last night. I hope it continue tonight.


Mercedes has been awake a little bit of today and even put herself back to sleep after being awake for a while. She is currently situated in the pram as her cot is in our unair-conditioned room, thus making it too hot to sleep comfortably in. Bedrooms are only good for night time rests, when it is cooler.

Speaking of rest, time to take advantage of afternoon cartoons and catnap.


Note : Next week schooling starts back up.

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