Saturday, February 28, 2004

How Stubborn Am I!

I think the topic says it all. Doesn't the saying go - As stubborn as a mule?

I can be called that at times. I say this as today I reluctantly agreed to let my sister look after the elder two girls. They were anxious to go visit their auntie (who took the two hour public transport trip here to pick them up). I do not know why I was so reluctant, possibly due to the fact that I am majorly overtired.

Note : I think Mercedes is going through a growth night...either that or she doesn't like something I have eaten at night time.

Anyhow, the elder two are gone and it is just me, Erin, Mercedes and the office bound hubby. I think tonight will call for an early night of sorts. Possibly a shower, shave and hair wash (a miracle if it happens, as Cathy said herself).

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