Sunday, February 22, 2004

Heat Wave!

That is what we are suffering at the moment here in the sunshine state. Queensland is apparently having one of it's worst heat waves in 100 years. There have already been deaths due to the heat and high humidity. Usually it is the elderly as they lock themselves up in their homes and are the most likely to not have air conditioning. Though having air con in some areas wouldn't help as there have already been blackouts due to the overload on the power grids.

The weather is looking to settle down later in the week so I am already seriously considering not even sending the girls to childcare, until this happens. They have just recently installed ceiling fans in the childcare centre (which they didn't have last year or at the beginning of this summer) I have to head down tomorrow to put up a sign for a fundraiser we are doing for them so we shall see what happens when I talk to them then. If the temperatures are to continue and I think it will be too hot I will pull them out for at least the Tuesday and spend it at home in the air con drinking iced water.

Temperature for today - 40 degrees Celsius equals 104 degrees Fahrenheit (plus min 70% humidity)

How do you handle the heat?

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