Monday, February 16, 2004


Aren't geckos amazing!
Last night my hubby and I watched two on our bathroom window. We had a brown one and a white one. They were stalking insects which had been attracted by the light. Later that evening we also had one in our bedroom, it was a brown one and it's skin was rather rough looking. It could jump between walls as if it was jumping across the flat ground. It's step never missed a beat and it's feet were ever reliable in keeping it attached to the vertical walls. I am not sure where it went but it disappeared soon after I turned the light on to look at it.



At the moment we have some friends from New Zealand staying with us. They have a 10 month old baby who is absolutely gorgeous. He is crawling everywhere and has lovely rosy cheeks with a shock of dusty hair upon the very top of his head.
Mercedes is doing well also and we are now just waiting for the midwife to give her a second check up visit.

I think I shall go to bed this afternoon when hubby gets home from his meeting.


Miscellaneous Ramblings

Rugrats - The kids love watching rugrats on TV and are currently watching the movie - Rugrats Go Wild. There are parts I haven't seen before despite seeing it multiple times already.
I think this is the same for most movies I have seen since I started having kids. Apart from watching kids movies (which I do enjoy) I do not think I have seen, or if I have, not remembered, seeing any movie fully through. Last night I was trying to watch 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter and the kids were constantly wanting my attention so therefore I did not get to see it all, part of that being a phonecall from my sister. Even trying to spend time on the computer is interrupted, but I will continue to allow this as they are my girls and they come before this stuff. (It is nice to have time free to concentrate on things though and I do occasionally get uninterrupted breaks)

On a side note - Strawberry quik is rather delicious and smooth, easy to drink. Yum!
Here is a colouring book with the Nesquik Bunny.


Some yummy recipes, get the tastebuds drooling.


Today's menu

Lunch - ???
Dinner - Salmon burgers with veges
Dessert - Pancakes with ice-cream and passionfruit sauce

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