Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Day 8

Aren't babies amazing!

Mercedes is now 8 days old and such a cutie. She lost her umbilical stump yesterday and since today has been more awake then normal. She spent most of the morning awake and looking around. The girls were so excited about this. She is currently squirming around on the floor behind me (on her rug of course). I think she is trying to get back to sleep after mummy rudely unwrapped her and left her to wake up so she would feed. Her eyes are now open and she has calmly decided to look around at her surroundings and take an interest in things. This keeping her awake or making her wake up is all in my plan of helping her to distinguish night from day (time to sleep from time to be awake).

The visitors we had from NZ left today. They were great company and amazing house guests. It is sad in a way that they had to leave earlier then expected but it also means we get to settle into our new normal routine now. The new routine consisting of baby health visits.


Lunch Menu

Individual salads, potato pasta, ryvita (grainy crisp breads), banana cake & water

Note: This was a take, eat and throw type of lunch as the hubby, kids & guests were going out doing the tourist thing before the guests had to leave to get to their next destination. I didn't go as it became obvious, to me, that I would be needing the time to rest as hubby has a full plate for the next few days and that means I shall be single mumming it to 4 kids. I am glad I didn't decide to start school back this week, I do not think I would have coped with it too well.


Thursday I take Mercedes to preschool so she can be show and tell for my 5 year old. The teachers and kids will all enjoy that.


What to do now? Hmmmmm. It is 5pm and no one will be home for at least another hour. I could go and shower and wash my hair but I do not feel like changing into my pjs just yet, nor showering. I could go watch TV but I do not think there is anything on at this time of day, not that I have watched TV at this time of day for a long time. I could sit here and blog while watching the squirma worm (baby) behind me.


Well, on a closing note, I hope Lydia and her kids are better now and that she has caught up on all the necessary rest she needs with a new born in her house.


Goodnight one and all!

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