Friday, February 13, 2004

Day 4

Scary News

I got a bit of a scare today when erin hit Mercedes. I didn't see it but the girls told me she hit/pushed her hard in the stomach. Everything seems to be fine though once she (baby) calmed down. The kids have been talked to about the can and cannots to do with their baby sister. Erin can be a handful at the end of the day when no rest has been had by either her or myself. We survive though.

The cleaner worked out well today and did a good job at the house for the limited time that she was here. Fortunately she understands about the 2 year old running around naked, as her 3yr old does the same thing. The cleaner even rang up to double check that things were ok with the job she had done. I hadn't even checked to be honest.

Mercedes is a good feeder but doesn't stick to conventional patterns of feeding regularly. I am happy to let her set her own pattern for now, provided she learns that night times are sleep times (eg. feed and straight to sleep) and day time is the waking time. She was more awake today, looking at things. She is a real cutie.

Erin was over tired today, as mentioned earlier, briefly. She acted up for a good part of the day but we still managed to have fun despite arguments of me carrying (or not carrying) her. She did some painting today which came out pretty good and managed to stay on the paper/brush/palette.

Jadeen did some good artwork today also. She painted actual pictures and then proceeded to paint some plain white paper stickers and pretend the were jewelry for me. They hurt when pulled off my arms! Jadeen was good with Mercedes and wanted to hold her, finally. I think it was the fact that she was awake and looking around that sparked her interest. She was also singing lullabys to her sister at one stage.

Miranda tried her hardest to get out of her chores today but it just did not work. She wanted to do art, but only asked to join in a hour or so after I cleaned up the art stuff. I told her she would have to wait till next time we do art. I think she has learnt her lesson from that one. She is wrapped in her new sister and likes to look after her.

Grace came around today to help me out. She didn't do a lot but she did distract the kids and that did help me. She was also able to look after Mercedes at one stage when I was busy. She gave me a present which my mother sent over with her - a small silver heart pendant on a necklace. It is gorgeous. BTW Grace is my 14yr old sister.

Tex and his wife also visited today. He is the handyman for the real estate and was here to fix some shower railings that were loose in the walls.

Talked to the real estate re the fixing visit and also confirmed a home midwifery visit for tomorrow. I had a busy day! I am ready for bed and it is only 7pm. Now I think someone just turned up in our driveway and hubby is also just getting home. Maybe I will get an early bed afterall now he is home, unless he hurt himself at soccer. YAH! He didn't hurt himself and he won his game. Goodo!

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