Berries WIP - Update

IMG_2263-sml Well I have done the next berry. It took a while but I got there eventually. Only 2 more to go! Oh, and I now want to fix up the raspberry some more, since I do not think the colour is right, possibly to light. Oh, and I need to add in the shadows yet also. It should be done in time for Christmas!

I really like how the blackberry has turned out, it is juicy enough to almost eat. How the colour intensity was achieved was by using different pencils. I used my polychromos pencils to achieve the depth. Well, I bought the black pencil that morning, to add to my slowly growing collection of polychromos pencils. (They are $2.17 each and the shop only sells the pencils individually). I am in love with these pencils though, and may end up buying another 3 (purple, different red shade & yellow) to complete this picture.

Here is a bit about the polychromos pencils

Oh, and the mouse escaped again! I think I shall nick name it yo-yo or boomerang.

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