2 April 2013 RPD

Jono Miller - 2 April, 2013 - 14:07

Today is my little sister's birthday. That has nothing to do with Atheists. But because she was born on April 1st we were not allowed to do April Fools jokes in our house. Most jokes are harmless and a bit of fun. But being foolish or being a fool is not a great aspiration for one's life. The Bible tells us that the fool says in his heart "there is no God." (Psalm 14:1)

Today look around you and see God.

Today examine your heart and surrender to God.

Today consider the world and implore God.

Today abandon yourself and desire God.

Don't be a fool this April Fools.


Update from Vlad. Praise God and keep praying.

“This past Saturday the Lord opened the door for a Christian service to be held in Vlad's prison. Although no foreigners were permitted inside, we're extremely grateful that almost 100 heard the gospel from Sergey (head of Teen Challenge Ukraine), Misha from Khargalyk (former prisoner turned to Jesus), and an incredible Ukrainian musician/poet that brought music and a few other brothers in Christ with a powerful story of God's redemption.

Please pray with us that this group is shown more favor by allowing them to come back once per month. This was the first of this kind of 'service' in the prison in over a year, and there is a lot of red tape involved. The men responded to the gospel, thanked them for coming, and may God continue to shine light in this dark place. God is using our dear brother Vlad, remember him in prayer this week as many seeds were sown. Continue to lift up his dear wife and son as well.

Tom has been the major force behind organizing and serving Vlad and the opportunity before us. He takes Vlad care packages, communicates regularly with Vlad from cell phones circulating in the prison. God has used Tom and we need to keep him in prayer and ask the Lord to raise up more Ukrainian servants that can share God's love, encourage Vlad and see His name lifted up."


We are down to 96 days and it feels great to be under three figures. Marie and I had a wonderful weekend away from Sydney and with great friends in a beautiful part of Australia. Being married and together all the time sounds wonderful and we can't wait.


Marie heads off to NZ next week to fulfill work visa requirements. I will follow her a week later in the school holidays. Please pray for the final step of the visa being granted. Pray also for Marie's nursing registration application which also seems to have hit a hurdle.

Please be in prayer for camp coming up in NZ's far north. I have a lot of work to do on the camp talks. I will be focusing on the armour of God and Pilgrim's Progress. Pray mostly that God would be at work in the hearts of the kids who will be coming.


· There IS a God!

· His Son Jesus died and rose again!

· Documentation for Marie

· Preparing talks for Kids Camp


Ken and Lyn for a wonderfully relaxing weekend at Eureka.

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28 March 2013 RPD

Jono Miller - 28 March, 2013 - 13:57

We have been showered with gifts. Furniture, kitchenware, people to help move it. I am astounded at how things fall into place sometimes. God is very good. As Marie and I head toward marriage and setting up a home we are blessed abundantly.

I pray that God blesses me to be a blessing. Please pray with me as I have a difficult situation on my heart. I am unsure how to resolve a potential problem with some things I own in Ukraine. I want to bless. I have commitments and contracts to uphold. I am not there to fully understand the extent of the difficulties.

I have been incredibly blessed this week. For this I thank and praise God.


104 days to go.


I got to speak with friends in Ukraine today which was really cool. I even spoke mainly in Ukrainian and was surprised that I still could. I would love to give an update on UTSIM. I don’t have a lot of information but know that this service is still greatly loved by the town and they have a prime position in the main council building in the centre of town. Sveta continues to teach and interact with the students and their families. Natasha volunteers her time to run the business as there is not enough money coming in for her to draw a salary. Sveta mentioned to Natasha recently that maybe next year she would have to look for another job as she feels it’s not enough money to live on. She likes the job. She currently gets 1600 UAH a month and feels that she needs 2000 UAH to live more comfortably. That is an increase of about $50 a month. If anyone feels they would like to contribute that monthly amount, please let me know and I will help you work out a way to do it.


· Thanks to God for his generous provision of furniture and kitchenware

· Pray for wisdom in dealing with an issue arising with my house in Ukraine

· Pray for the ministry of UTSIM to the people of Rzhyshchiv

· As Easter approaches thank God for your salvation through Jesus’ death


Paul for taking me to the rugby today!

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Husband - Tim - 28 March, 2013 - 10:52

A poem I wrote in 1998 to two good friends who lost a baby just a few days after birth.

Mere words are never enough

We wish we were there to hold you and share in your loss

In this bittersweet time as Jesus takes your precious daughter to a better place


We hold you up in our prayers

Our love for you is not as strong as His

Let His arms enfold you and strengthen you in ways we never could


The life of your daughter was short

But she touched our lives in a very special way

May she sing with the angels in heaven tonight in praise to God

© Timothy Miller 1998

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In the moment

Husband - Tim - 23 March, 2013 - 14:32

Like most people I have lots of little stressors, things to think about and do, tasks and responsibilities. Nothing exciting there.

So its really nice when i can escape the morass of dealing with life and go and experience moments of full immersion in the outdoors. Today was one of those days. I was conscious of completely ignoring email, phone calls, clients, finances, staff and other things. I was completely in the moment, struggling with the pain in my legs, exulting in the adrenalin, revelling in the speed, the control and the fun of pelting downhill flat out, the detail of the tyre tracks on the ground in front of me, even the bluish green shine to large pieces of animal dung.

Today I joined a ride that was supposed to be a 68km round trio from Beerburrum to Woodford and back through the Glasshouse mountains. I didn’t make it back because i suffered some mild heat issues, and some major cramping. Didn’t stop me riding the first half though. and I loved every minute of not being in my home office.

Right now I’m loving being in the office with the aircon running and a cold drink at hand!

Here are some pics i got with the mobile while on the ride.

And a little video of the steepest uphill climb.

Glashouse Lookout Climb


And finally here is the map and data from Strava.

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19 March 2013 RPD

Jono Miller - 19 March, 2013 - 18:23

There are few people on this earth who never complain. I know I do. I complain about traffic. I complain about paperwork. I complain when I can’t find the kind of cream I want to buy in the supermarket. Sometimes I complain about government and laws and politicians. I try hard not to. I have seen too many other countries and their unfair ways of dealing with people.

Many regular readers will be well acquainted with my friend Vlad and his plight in jail away from wife and son due to a corrupt justice system. There is possibly some good news. So thanks for praying and please keep praying. Every time I am tempted to complain about something I am going to try and remember to pray for Vlad instead.

Simbo writes:

“Vlad update: Please pray, as there is a meeting next week to discuss the possibility of moving Vlad to a new location. This location is much more relaxed than where he is now (in terms of treatment, visitors etc.), is out in the countryside and is very close to home! As the crow flies, it's about 10km from Rzhyshchiv, although the route to get there takes about 40 minutes. This would be an incredibly big improvement on Vlad's current situation. Please, please, pray that it would come to pass. Thank you.”


110 days to go.


More good news and thanks for your prayers. Marie has some good news regarding a work visa. If she leaves Australia before April 9 it should be granted within 7 days. She is booked to fly to NZ on April 8 and I will join her on April 16.

This week at school I have parent teacher interviews. I am aware of the enormous privilege it is to join with parents and impact children for their future and for the Kingdom of God.


· Pray for Vlad and his wife Vika and son Matviy

· Thank God for good news for Marie’s visa and pray the final steps are hassle free

· Pray for my grade 2 students and their families

· P Pray for my parents as they are selling and downsizing after many years in Pukekohe


Marie for the coolest ever birthday present – a personalised All Blacks jumper

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12 March 2013 RPD

Jono Miller - 12 March, 2013 - 12:15

There are so many things to be thankful for.

I write this RPD on my final day in the 30s. By the time you are reading this I will have entered the 40s. I was given a wonderful party today with various friends, mainly from church, taking time to come and enjoy a bit of fun with Jono. We had a trivia test to see how much people knew about me. I got a couple of them wrong myself.

I want to say a huge thankyou to so many people who spent them time and energy to make a special time for me. Marie made a really cool show using photos from my life and she gave me the best ever birthday present – an All Blacks jumper with my name and number on the back!!

I am thankful for the places I have been and the things I have done in these 40 years. I am thankful for the family and friends I have. I am thankful for the opportunities to see much of the world that God has created. I am thankful that God chose me. I am thankful that He persisted in drawing me to Himself and continues to do so. I am thankful that I can read His word daily. I am thankful for so much money to be free to live in this world – so much more than 90% of the world.

I am thankful that God arranged for Marie and me to meet and to pursue a life together. I am looking forward to the next 40 years of my life and the theme of my message is one of thanks and gratitude to God.

While you are thinking about gratitude consider two things.

Consider what God has given you on this earth. Watch this video to be both inspired and thankful.

Consider what God has given you beyond this world. Today I witnessed the baptisms of Virginia, George and Andrew. Their testimonies are poignant reminders of the power of God working through believers to bring the hope of the good news of Jesus to those who don’t yet know Him.

I want my thankfulness and gratitude to spur me on to the action of sharing the best news I have. Not a birthday, not a nice life, not even a good rugby team to follow – but being a child of the Creator and King of the universe!


118 Days to go. If you haven’t received your invite yet and you want to come – please let me know.


Please continue to pray for school. I love teaching the children and I want to do my best for them. I find it sometimes overwhelming and difficult to prioritise my time and my energy.


· Praise God for forty years of life by God’s grace

· Thank God for bringing Marie and I together

· Pray for continued preparation for a wedding and a marriage

· Pray for my grade 2 students

· Pray for Virginia, George and Andrew in their walk with Christ this week


Beth Weldon and all the helpers who organised my 40th birthday party!

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Pasting in Office 2013

Husband - Tim - 11 March, 2013 - 07:31

This also applies to Office 2007 and 2010. Based on my original post Feb 2004 relating to Office 2003 and prior.

Most people know how to use copy and paste in Office. Or do they? Right click a selected item(s) and copy, then right click the destination and paste.

That is definitely the slow way. Keyboard people know about Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for Copy and Paste. (or CTRL+Insert / Shift +Insert)

But office has long had a Paste Special command that exposes a whole bunch more options for the pasting side of this command.

New Office, (2007, 2010, 2013) uses the Paste button in the ribbon to provide access (though there is still keyboard access with ALT+E+S).

Once you have something in the clipboard with the copy command, clicking the little arrow below Paste Icon in the ribbon gives you a lot more options. Each office application is slightly different  as to what you get.

Word has less options than Excel. Powerpoint and Outlook, Live Writer and Publisher etc. all use this feature differently. However each of them allow you to strip metadata (formatting etc.) from the actual text and just paste the text. This extremely useful when copying text from a web page, PDF file or some other heavily formatted document.

Hovering your mouse over any of the icons will give you a tool tip identifying it as per the example on the right.

And clicking the Paste Special link at the bottom brings up the traditional dialog box.

Ill take you through the main ones for Excel.

  • Paste Special Formulas Use this when you want to copy a formula but don't want to change the editing on the target cell(s)
  • Paste Special Values Use this when you want to convert a selection (or single cell) from formulas or links to just the current calculated value. Full resolution of formulas to maximum decimal places will occur even if formatting doesn't show it. This is useful to cut links from external files, replace temporary formulas with actual results etc.
  • Paste Special Links Use this to quickly paste the link to an external spreadsheet by copying from that sheet and paste links into the target cell(s)
  • Paste Operation - Multiply, Add, Divide, Subtract These are very powerful tools. Try this:
    Find a selection of formulas (eg sums at the bottom of a range). Enter 0 (zero) in a blank cell then copy that cell.
    Select the range you want to alter and Paste Special Operation Multiply. (You may want to click Formulas as well so as to not change target cell(s) formatting).
    This will add to your existing formula *0 (and any required brackets) and the result will become zero. This can be used in all sorts of ways, - eg dividing numbers by 1,000 to change $ to $'000 etc.
  • Paste Special Transpose Use this to alter the orientation of a selection of cells. Copy a column and turn it into a row and vice versa.

You can also combine options from each section as per the example below.

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Monthly Update March 2013

Jono Miller - 5 March, 2013 - 12:22

I have a ceiling fan in my room. It’s always been there. I hardly notice it. I turn it on during hot summer days and the only time I think about it is when I take my shirt off – it’s a low ceiling!

But on Saturday down at the “church spruce up day” I cleaned the ceiling fans. Some of them were pretty dirty. Now they look pretty good. The only problem is now I notice how dirty the ceiling fan is in my room. Before then, I had no clue and it didn’t bother me. Now, every time I glance at my ceiling fan, it bothers me and will continue to do so until either I clean it, or I get used to it.

Sometimes negative character traits or habits may exist in our lives and we are blissfully unaware. But when the Holy Spirit convicts us of the righteousness to which we are called and we can no longer ignore a specific personal attribute, then we have two choices. Clean it up or let it harden.

It can be painful, and it can take up time and effort we think we’d rather put somewhere else, but I know that cleaning it up is better.

And I need to clean that ceiling fan in my room!




Bruce writes: “Excellent News! Vlad has arranged for a Christian service to be held in his prison. Tom is working on the details, but basically we'll be able to share the gospel, bring in a couple musicians and testimonies. This is a maximum security prison that has continually denied this request for a long time. Please begin to pray with us for the arrangements. The Lord has opened this door both to encourage Vlad and bring the hope of the gospel to those in chains. Pray that God moves in the hearts of the people in charge, to allow not only this service, but regular ones.”

Don’t forget to follow Vlad on Facebook at Justice for Vlad Schaslyvyi.


Here are some of the boys having a lot of fun in a very non-traditional Ukrainian way. Here is a snap shot of Ukrainian roads. March is a bleak month in Rzhyshchiv. Check in on Dan’s page and Bruce’s page for a few updates. Continue to pray for the lives of students who are being challenged to live life for God not for self. Please also pray for a few issues with my house. Also continue to pray for the ongoing ministry of UTSIM – I do hope to have more information in the near future.



Visiting Nepal last year was a highlight of my life. Since then my ears and heart have been on notice, especially since I had a very unique divine appointment there on my last Sunday. Nepal is a very poor country. Our school was able to send a small amount of money to help rescue some of the poorest girls who are sold into prostitution. Click here to donate or click here if you think God is pulling you to go and give of your time and expertise for a few weeks.


Camp at Lonsdale Park will be on again next month and Marie and I are both travelling to join Ruth and Jon and a host of others to serve the children and families of New Zealand’s far north. The camp is called “A Knight’s Journey”. I believe some good costumes are in order. I haven’t fully decided but will probably base my talks around John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. If you have any great ideas, please wing them my way.



After an idyllic week in NZ I am back into teaching 21 year two students. I love them. They are great to teach. Teaching is very tiring as well as time consuming outside of classroom hours. Please pray that I prepare well, that I prioritise my time and energy efficiently but that most of all my life and my words and my actions will point the children in my class towards Jesus.


Friday afternoon is good for the kids but hard yakka on working adults. We are continuing to teach kids that Jesus is the light of the world and last Friday showed that Jesus could back up that claim by giving sight to a man born blind.


Youth group is the next part of Friday night and I usually get my second wind and enjoy relaxing and hanging out with teens. There is so much on offer for teens but real relationships that help guide young people to a deep relationship with God is paramount. We have been focusing a lot on the importance of the place of God’s Word in our lives.


I want to play again this year. I wonder if my body will be up to it. I also want to entice as many friends as possible. If you play front row you even get a discount on your fees. But enjoying the camaraderie of rugby as well as having a few Christian mates there is one of the best ways one can enjoy a winter Saturday. Check it out now!


It is now only 125 days until our much anticipated day in July. Join the countdown online if you have nothing better to do with your time. I am enjoying daily getting to know and love Marie on so many levels. Coming to Australia has not been super easy for her and I am so grateful for all the adjustments she has made to her life for me – for us. Please also pray as her work visa has not been granted. The more I find out about the Australian Immigration Department, the more frustrating and down heartening the journey appears. Pray for endurance and also a miracle would be nice.


I really should delete this part of my monthly update until I start reading again. I have begun but not got too far into George Orwell’s book 1984.

I am enjoying Deuteronomy and John most mornings and for those on Facebook I try to post a thought I glean from my daily readings


· Rzhyshchiv, Ukraine

· Vlad in jail

· Nepal

· Kids Camp – A Knight’s Journey

· Class 2M at PHCS

· Kids Club and Livewire at WPHCC

· Our wedding in July

· Marie’s work visa


To those organising my surprise birthday party this coming Sunday which of course I know nothing about!!

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Running the Israel National Trail

Husband - Tim - 1 March, 2013 - 19:41

Sometimes you get to meet the most amazing ordinary blokes. Richard Bowles is one of those quiet types, doesn't push himself forward, not brash or loud, yet there’s a quiet air of forcefulness and purpose about him. I guess running 84km a day for 12 days straight as he’s planning to do needs that.

I first met Richard last year as he was 2,500km into his running of the 5,330km Australian Bicentennial National Trail, or the BNT. He completed that in an amazing 5.5 months. First to do it. Raised awareness for SANE Australia charity.

I went out to the closest point on the trail to where I lived at Blackbutt and met Rich and Vicky, spent a lovely morning with them photographing them and sharing in their adventures for half a day. You can read that story here.

He backed up from the BNT with the Te Araroa national trail of NZ 3,054km of ruggedness that made the BNT look like a walk in the park – crocodiles not included. Record setting 64 days again.

And now he's off to do the Israel National Trail – with yet another record to be achieved. And this time its going to be an average of 84km a day for 12 days straight.

I interviewed Richard today over lunch and was really struck by the mans intensity, his purpose and his unquenchable desire to live in the moment, fully experience the surroundings and cast off the dross of life. To run on trails that are thousands of years old, where Jesus walked, that are steeped in history and meet all sorts of interesting people.

But as the video below will show there is a lot more work that goes on in the months leading up to the short 12 days of running that is a lot harder than running 84km a day for 12 days. Even just typing that hurts! Thinking about it hurts! Richard doesn’t shy away from the fact that it hurts either. But he’s a man that’s driven to succeed, and quitting just isn’t in his vocabulary.

The Interview

So i went to have lunch with Richard as he was on a flying trip to Brisbane. Once I had picked him up and had him in the car I told him I was planning on interviewing him!

I recorded the interview on my phone and camera but not all of it got onto the video. So some of the questions and answers below are not in the video.

I asked Richard a bunch of really hard hitting serious questions, and got some equally serious (bulls&*t) answers.

I also trialled a new video technique where the person who is being interviewed has their thumb in focus but their face is half missing off in the distance. Fascinating watching their thumb talk. In part 2 I swapped this style for a more traditional (boring) “video the persons face” technique.


I interviewed Rich with tough questions like:

Dealing with fatigue and mental states

Q When you are fatigued, what does the tree look like?

A The tree is way more beautiful when you are fatigued.


Seriously though, its more about how when fatigued he focuses on what he's doing so much more intently, little droplets of water, trees, things around him take focus and how the other stuff in life becomes less. Richard really enjoys running in the bush, and out in the open spaces.

Equipment and safety

Q Was your GPS tracker tied to your hydration bladder?

A Obviously not – i lost it 25 km into the first day in NZ – no one noticed I was standing still for a long time.

White water river crossings and high altitude

Q How do you cope with the dangerous river crossings?

A Crossed the Daintree waist deep with crocodiles – hoping they ate someone the day before and weren’t hungry.

Food and nutrition

Q What do you eat when running?

A Best thing I scored was a packet of Tim Tams in a rubbish bin at a hut.


Q Who's supporting you in Israel?

A “My Partner Vicki – that has lots of complications” breaks into nervous laughter and says “Love you!” suck up.

Language and Culture

Q Do you speak the same language?

A No she speaks shoes.


Ok so there’s more to it than than. Watch the video below.


Richard running circles around the Interviewer–literally

Oh not that one – that’s just silly

Here’s the real interview. Part 1

Will the real Richard Bowles please stand up

Part 2

yay its in focus

And here's the shoe collection and Richard posing a lot for the camera.

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19 February 2013 RPD

Jono Miller - 19 February, 2013 - 11:56

I have heard surrealism described as owning giraffes and taking harmonica lessons. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of that statement. However, life seems a little surreal in the idyllic north of NZ for a week. Removed from the day to day grind of work in Australia. Removed from the poverty that millions live in daily around the world. Removed from war and conflict zones. It is peaceful and we are well fed.

I don't know what more to say. Life feels a little surreal. For now I will celebrate it. Thank you Lord.


Thank God for every meal you eat. We are being very well fed on family reunion.

Thank God for the place where you live. NZ is a beautiful place, Australia is also a very comfortable and easy place to live.

Thank God for your family. Marie has been well welcomed into my family. Of course. She's awesome.

Pray for people and places into the world where life is much harder. Resolve to do something. Then get started.

Pray for the students I interact with at PHCS, Kid's Club, and Livewire.

This is a nice short RPD. I'll have photos from NZ next week.


Dave for a ride up north and hiring a jet ski for family reunion.

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Husband - Tim - 15 February, 2013 - 10:11
Rabid is a song I wrote in 1998. The notes at the bottom were for a band that took this song and performed it a number of times at events. They are now defunct.


1) Right thru these four walls

Out into the city

Maxicabs are flashing by

Limousines just glide


2) You can feel the music pumping

You can feel the city vibe

Energy in action

Solicitude you can’t find


The girls are out there walking…….

There’s something out there stalking……


3) It feeds off all the flavours

The smells, the tastes, the sights

No concrete self-awareness

Its animal; its alive


4) It hides, conceals awaits

For its unsuspecting foes

They scream out loud

It sucks – they stop!

It feeds, moves on, it preys


(Verse 1 repeat)

Right thru these four walls

Out into the city

Maxicabs are flashing by

Limousines just glide


5) Is it all that pretty

Is it all that nice

Or is it out there waiting

Like your other side


6) Which world do you live in

To which you go to hide

Or are you a silent stalker

Just feeding off the vibe


© Timothy Miller 1998

Musical short notes to Rabid

Start with a long slow guitar driving sound – basically a strum that goes on and on – repeated a few times – slowly building in volume – Bass to be keeping a very low volume

8 beats before verse 1 starts the drums will start with a double tap- off beat and then first beat

After 1st verse increase bass volume

At end of 1st verse drums crash in – starting from high tom and crashing down and then keep on drumming – rhythm drives into a big walled sound

Stop the rhythm guitar and bass for a couple of secs to say ‘the girls are out there walking” then one big strum then stop again for “there’s something out there stalking” – this sentence to be said with a huge delay (sounds like being inside a big empty warehouse) and an echo to get a “stalking…. talkin… alkin….” Echo

Now the rhythm and bass come back and the temp speeds up

Now come up one key and into a more frenzied attack on the rhythm guitar as the next 2 verses (3 & 4) are sung one after the other.

Go to a quick bridge into the lead guitar starting a long winding riff getting higher and higher ending in a big feed back loop to fade back to just the basic starting sound – drums finish up with some big rolls then go to brushes – or else real light

Repeat verse 1

Verses 5 & 6 sung one after the other

last two lines of verse 6 to be at an almost hush as the sound fades out – but as singer finishes “feeding off the vibe” the drums crash back in and all the guitars go back into an all out finish off

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Windows 8 Links for Enterprise and Business Use

Husband - Tim - 14 February, 2013 - 11:21

This from an email from Microsoft.



Dear Tim,
Windows 8 has landed! Are you ready for it? Everything you need to know is right here in this issue of Keeping IT Real.



The Windows 8 Enterprise 90-day evaluation is designed specifically to help IT Professionals test their software and hardware on the final version of Windows 8 Enterprise.
Windows 8 Enterprise delivers new possibilities in mobile productivity, end-to-end security, virtualisation
and management advancements,
and the business tablets you’ve been waiting for.

The hype generated by the launch
of Windows 8 has been crazy.
That’s why we’ve created Windows 8 for IT Pros Jump-start at the Microsoft Virtual Academy.
Save time and go beyond this hype
to clearly understand how Windows 8 can improve your organisation.
Check it out today to get up to speed on Windows 8 and get a jump-start on the competition.




The new Windows 8 operating system is the newest member of the Microsoft Windows family. It differs from earlier Windows releases as much for what it does not change as for what it does. That is, the features that IT pros loved about Windows 7 are still there in Windows 8 – just better.
This complimentary ebook describes the new (and old) enhancements of Windows 8 plus many of the new features.


Like movies? Well, we have a range of demos of key Windows 8 features for IT Professionals just waiting to be watched. Get help with tutorials on compatibility, device management, migration, deployment and other common IT tasks.


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12 February 2013 RPD

Jono Miller - 12 February, 2013 - 11:52

In Westminster Abbey there is a big, dark, solid-wooden, hard-seated chair. It doesn't sound glorious when I describe it like that and in some ways it's not. But that chair has been the seat on which the kings and queens of England have been crowned. Neither the chair, the office nor the function are paramount, rather who is sitting on the chair. Especially back in the days, when the reigning monarch actually ruled the affairs of the day.

Who is on your throne? Or put differently, who fulfills the office of boss? To whom do you pay homage? If you are not sure, ask yourself this follow up question: what things in your life will you sacrifice the most for? I suggest the answer indicates the occupier of your throne. If you claim Jesus as Lord of your life, be sure to enthrone him on your chair.


As I type this RPD my countdown says 146 days, 8 hours, 54 minutes and 2 seconds until Marie and I tie the knot in Shelton, Washington.

We have booked our tickets and will be in Washington from June 22 til July 16.


Marie arrived last week and there are two happy people in the universe again. I have a busy week at school with parent information night, pancake day, swimming carnival and I need to have a week's worth of lessons ready for the teacher who will look after the class while Marie and I are in NZ for our family reunion. We are thoroughly looking forward to the break as well as Marie meeting the remainder of my family. Please pray for Marie's work visa. The Australian Immigration Department have given her the run around and it seems have shown themselves to be confusing, unclear and a little incompetent at reading. I guess that means you should pray for me teaching the current generation to read and be functioning members of society. Moreover pray that my life and my teaching will point students to Christ.


After having only four children at our first week of kids club, 18 children on the second week was a big change. Praise God and pray for the leaders and children. We learned that Jesus is the light of the world and can show us what God is like because he came from God.

Straight after kids club we have a short break and a bit to eat and it’s time for Livewire with high school students. I enjoy interacting with teenagers and Marie was certainly well received too.


· Place Jesus on the throne of your heart

· Pray for Marie's work visa to be granted

· Pray for class 2M and Mr Miller at PHCS

· Pray for Kids Club and Livewire

· Thank God for a family holiday.


Angela for bringing Marie to school to interrupt my day last Thursday.

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Monthly Update February 2013

Jono Miller - 5 February, 2013 - 12:27

I may have started the countdown rather early, however anyone can follow the countdown here and the really eager have saved it to their computers. Today another early countdown was announced. Julia Gillard announced an election – in September. Fans of football and rugby sometimes start counting down to the next world cup as soon as one has finished. Too bad they have to wait four years and none of their friends are interested in the countdown.

What am I getting at? If something seems too distant, it is easy for us to forget about it, lose sight, be distracted from the goal, or begin to think it will never actually happen anyway. As far as our wedding is concerned, I will not forget about it. I am counting down with an eagerness and enthusiasm that borders on extremism. For others it’s not such an occasion.

What about the return of Jesus. Neither internet sites nor Julia Gillard can predict when this will be, but I know it is the event of events. Don’t let the cares of this world or the distractions of being busy keep us from the ultimate consummation of all things.


There are so many things happening around the world. I’d love to bring a few to your attention. I truly believe that God uses triggers in our hearts and minds, as we expand our boundaries, to cause us to get involved in His world-wide scheme. “For the earth will be filled with knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:14)


Here’s a little inspirational something worth checking out. And it’s not even about my sister and her family. They are currently not in Paraguay but in NZ and I will be seeing them soon at our family reunion.


Tom writes: “I have spoken to Vlad, he was very thankful for the support he has been getting! Thank you all for your prayers, please remember him in your prayers. He has recently been having some heart problems, the doctors have given him a course of medication that he needs to take to keep his heart working right and his blood pressure down, but the last few days he has been doing better. So please keep his health in your prayers, he works every day pretty much, and has to unload trunks with heavy bags of food and supplies and his back has also been in pain recently so this is something you can be praying for. We love our dear brother and pray he is used by God in a mighty way. We pray he would be released and be able to return to his family and we pray that God will meet his every day need and use Vlad to glorify our heavenly father!”


Here is the link to Bruce’s blog which I encourage you to have a look at. It includes a video of him driving with ease up the hill that I used to struggle on in my van. Four wheel drive is a wonderful asset. Pray against discouragement and for the opening of a centre in town that will truly be a lighthouse to the community.


One of the best conferences I have ever attended was in Bergen, Norway in 2010. The two organisations that put it on run them in various locations around the world and they are coming to Australia. Yes it’s this month. I can’t go because I will be in NZ but I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has the chance. At least check out TENT here.


Ruth and Jon had another really great camp at Lonsdale Park. Marie and I will join them for autumn camp at the end of April. Please pray for the far north coast of NZ and the impact that God’s Word is having amongst the families there.


Marie changed her tickets!! I am so excited. She arrives here in Australia on February 7th. The next time we will be Stateside will be a couple weeks before the wedding. Farewell to the stars and stripes for a few months.



This month will see the 4-yearly Miller Family reunion. We are having 5 nights together in Opononi in NZ’s north. Once home to a famous dolphin, Opononi is a very quaint seaside town. We have a lovely house with great views and lots of water activities at our doorstep. It will be great to reconnect with nephews and nieces as well as my siblings and for the wider family to meet Marie. Lucky them!


I am one week down teaching grade 2 and I love the class I have this year. I have 10 boys and 11 girls who are for the most part keen to be at school. Please pray that I instil good study habits, a love of learning, a love of reading and books, enquiring minds, positive peer relations and above all introduce them to Jesus – the one who created them, died for them and truly loves them.


Our first week back for the year and our first time on a Friday saw Kids Club sparsely attended but we hope as the word of mouth grapevine gets to work the numbers will pick up. I am doing the talks currently and we have a curriculum to guide us this year. “Jesus is the light of the world” is our current theme. Please pray for the kids in our community and for God’s Word and the love we model to touch their lives.


And Livewire is back for 2013. I am committing my Friday nights to Livewire. I am sad to say goodbye to table tennis but I really do love being a part of a youth group. There are a few young leaders just out of high school, pray that I can be a mentor and a model for them. Pray for some non-churched teens that have started coming at the end of last year. Pray that our young people will be inclusive.


Could someone please yell loudly at me and tell me that I have to start reading again! I have a list of books I want to read. I am not making time and when I get into bed at night I find I can’t even pick a book up. I do want this to change soon.


· Our wedding in July

· Vlad in jail

· Kids Camp – follow up from Jan, and camp in April

· Class 2M at PHCS

· Kids Club and Livewire at WPHCC


Angela Grace for the hard work getting ready and amazing hospitality you are about to show to Marie.

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One Day My Little Daughter

Husband - Tim - 2 February, 2013 - 11:45

This is a poem i wrote in 1997 when my daughter Miranda was 1 year old.

She is now 16 and a half a beautiful young lady.


One day my little daughter - you will read this - I love you Miranda


My little daughter - how precious you are to me

I wish you never had to grow up

You are such a precocious child

The looks you give me are so mischevious


You imitate me in so many ways

You shake your head and cluck your tongue

You want to be like your Dad

He wants to show you how its done


But your dad sometimes hasn’t a clue

He has no idea what to do

He does what hurts when he wants to protect

Those he loves from the pain inside


I want to say what needs to be said

Instead I find myself writing this poem

I only hope you never know

The pain that can hurt so badly


© Timothy Miller 1997

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30 January 2013 RPD

Jono Miller - 30 January, 2013 - 12:13

The following thoughts are rough and vulnerable but just as I wrote them and from my heart:

The veil is torn

You made a way

My sin separates. I want to do some kind of penance. I know I can't so I want to "fully examine myself" before communion as if the weight of sincerity in my heart should be equal to the weight of the guilt I feel. And then I will be clean.

But if I confess, my sin is wiped clean in God's sight.

And if my sin has a relational or causal consequence here on earth, then no amount of soul searching or confession will remove that which is forth-coming. Neither will a more passionate confession make me any "cleaner" in God's sight.

So God I take this bread and fruit of the vine and say thank you for forgiveness. And sorry that I mess up and sin. I know my sin and you know my sin. I stand uncondemned now in your sight. By your Spirit help me to go out and live and sin no more.


It’s 158 days until our wedding and only 8 days until Marie comes to Australia! She managed to bring her ticket forward and needless to say I am over the moon about that.

God has blessed us in many little ways. Providing in amazing ways for venues well under budget for the wedding. Providing Marie with accommodation and a car as well as a few things towards our future place are also amazing blessings for us. But these are trivial compared to God leading and guiding us towards a strong marriage. I am so thankful to the wonderful people around us who have been prodding us towards good and Godly decisions and given sound advice for the days long beyond the celebration of a wedding.


School went back today for the students and I have 21 students in my grade 2 class. Today we all met Jeff and I think he may outrank me in the popularity stakes. I hope I out-teach him in the meaningful input sphere.


· Praise God for forgiveness through Jesus

· Thank God for the blessings He has given to us

· Pray for continued preparation for a wedding and a marriage

· Pray for my grade 2 students

· Pray for Marie as she travels next week


Joe Caran for being my go to mechanic and all round good guy!

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23 January 2013 RPD

Jono Miller - 23 January, 2013 - 12:36

My wonderful fiancée decided to find a coffee for me on the way to the airport on Sunday. We stopped at a Starbucks and in response to the friendly American, "What can I get ya'll?" I mumbled, "Just a latte thanks".

"I beg your pardon".

"A latte thanks".

"What's a latte thenks?"

Eventually Marie stepped in and apologized for my accent. The girl explained she didn't mind because she also had an accent once. Next minute I was explaining in Russian that I spoke very little Russian but knew Ukrainian better and next minute we were conversing in a mixture of Ukrainian and English and the next thing we knew, the coffee was on the house!!

Oksana was from Ternopil in western Ukraine. The three of us chatted about strange meetings in strange corners of the world and then parted ways to almost definitely never meet again. So what?? I thought of four random things:

1. Having a funny accent is not all that bad.

2. Be hospitable to all, sometimes you entertain angels unawares.

3. Friendliness is contagious.

4. A free coffee is always a good day.


165 days and counting. I am proud to announce that I not only went to a female dominated wedding planning meeting, I chaired it and I loved it. Marie has a great bunch of girlfriends who are over the moon at being given lots of scope and freedom in planning out the details of our wedding. Marie has 3 weeks remaining in the States before she comes to Australia. After that the wedding planning committee "takes over". I am super blessed to have a fiancée who has a stress-free, no-fuss approach to getting married. She's marrying me, she has to keep at least something uncomplicated in her life!!!


I'm writing this on a plane heading back to Sydney and back to work. The immediate things in front of me are: getting my head around teaching grade 2, finding a car and a phone for Marie, getting on board with Kids Club and Livewire (youth group), and coordinating the details of our family reunion next month in NZ. I'd appreciate prayer for all of these things.

I'm also looking forward to seeing all my Sydney friends and giving their ears a good bash about our engagement and upcoming wedding, and just how wonderful Marie is and how much I miss her already.


· Thank God for an awesome time in the States with Marie

· Pray for Marie and her family as she lingers there another 3 weeks

· Thank God for Ruth and Jon's camp and pray as there is some follow up this week

· Pray for me going back to work

· Pray for Kids Club and Livewire in 2013


Oksana from Ternopil for the free latte!!

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Resting in between

Husband - Tim - 18 January, 2013 - 15:51

resting in between

i think again

its been a long time

i wish it wasn't


waiting for time to go

i suddenly realise its been

i don’t know where i was

i guess it wasn’t here


now i’m there again

but still i fall behind

i want to be with you

not realising that i cant


how i long for you

my wife of only 2

short years they’ve been fun

where did the time go


resting again i pause

and prepare myself for more

i am determined that

our love remains secure


strength and comfort

i derive from God

my love springs deep



© Timothy Miller 1997

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Microsoft is Retiring Messenger in favour of Skype

Husband - Tim - 17 January, 2013 - 17:44

The following email is coming to all Messenger users. Windows Live Messenger, MSN, Messenger – all names for the ubiquitous Instant Messaging program that took over where ICQ started so long ago.

Now we need to use Skype.

Here is the news on how to update now before you are forced to shortly.

We are retiring the existing Messenger service globally (except for mainland China where Messenger will continue to be available) and bringing the great features of Messenger and Skype together. Update to Skype and sign in using a Microsoft Account (same as your Messenger ID) and all your Messenger contacts will be at your fingertips. You'll be able to instant message and video chat with them just like before, and also discover new ways of staying in touch with Skype on your mobile and tablet.
Update Now

Yours sincerely,

The Messenger Team

New to Skype?

1. Get the latest version of Skype.

2. Sign in to Skype with your Microsoft Account.

Already have Skype?

1. Update to the latest version of Skype.

2. Sign in with your Microsoft Account.

3. Merge your existing Skype account with your Microsoft Account.

Here are just a few of the great features that you can use with Skype:

  • Instant message, video call and call phones from your PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android mobile, Kindle Fire and other devices
  • Sharing your screen with friends and family
  • Video call and instant message with your Facebook friends
  • Group video call with up to ten friends at once*
  • And that's just the start - there's so much more to explore on Skype

Update Now

So, what's happening between now and the retirement?

Messenger will continue to work as you know it today. If you are signed in with Messenger on your desktop** you will see a banner notification to upgrade. When you click on the banner, an installer window will open with the request to upgrade. This will take you through our installer flow to install Skype and automatically uninstall Messenger.

So, what's happening after the retirement?

Messenger users on desktops** will not be able to sign in and will only be able to upgrade to Skype. If you attempt to sign in, a notification will appear, and if you continue, you will be taken through our installer flow to install Skype and automatically uninstall Messenger at the same time.

Can I update to Skype on my mobile?

Yes! Skype is available on iPhone, Android and soon on Windows Phone 8. We encourage you to download the latest Skype app on your mobile and then uninstall Messenger. You will be able to sign in to Skype on your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 mobile apps with your Microsoft Account over the next few weeks. If you use another phone with Messenger on it, it will continue to work for a while.

Where can I learn more?

For more help on updating to Skype, please visit the Skype Support site.


* To get group video chat, you'll need a Skype Premium subscription.
** Newer versions of Messenger will be able to receive the optional upgrade notifications. Older versions will not receive the notifications and you will have to download Skype manually.

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Prayer and Trust

Husband - Tim - 11 January, 2013 - 17:10

Be Still my Heart

and Rest in Him

and Know the Joy

When Being in

a Cauldron of


Turmoil and Anxiety,

That God above

is Watching me

and Loves to Help

when Things don’t seem

to be the Way

they Ought to be

© Timothy Miller 1996

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