Family news for January 2016

Jono Miller - 27 January, 2016 - 13:14

Marie’s Corner

Just before Christmas, we found out that our new baby is another little boy and that he is growing well. We are very thankful for another healthy pregnancy. We are excited to meet our new little guy in May! After having a pretty easy first trimester, the second trimester has been rough on me physically, but the last week and a half have gone well so hopefully the hard part is over for now.

Jonny Peace’s Piece

I love walking! Crawling is for babies or for going up and down stairs. I love playing on anything soft like a bed or a trampoline. I’ve seen people jumping on them and I’m determined to figure out how they do that. I love music too. I love to wave my arms and walk around in a circle or bounce to the beat whenever I can hear a song playing. And I love to eat almost everything except broccoli. I’ve also worked out that in my 13 months of life I’ve been on 16 airplane rides! I point to a plane every time one flies overhead.

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My First Birthday!!

Jono Miller - 7 December, 2015 - 07:33

I had my first birthday! I’ve decided that I like birthday cake very much and I point to it every time I see it, but somehow Mama and Daddy haven’t figured out that that means they should give me some. I am trying to learn to talk so that I can communicate what I want better, but so far all I’m able to say is, “light.” Talking is more difficult than they make it look. I love to practice walking. I can take 4 or 5 steps on my own, but it’s more fun when I hold Mama or Daddy’s hand because then I can walk anywhere I want.

We love having Jonny Peace around and are really excited to welcome another little one to the family too!  We are expecting baby #2 to show up sometime in May, just in time to get a passport before heading off on our next adventure in Central Asia.  Until then we are loving life in sunny Sydney.  We’d love to have you over for a cuppa if you have a chance to pop by!

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